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Unity of Life: Keeping Christ Close

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Nov. 06, 2013

One of the biggest problems we each face on a daily basis is that of living a double life.  On one hand, we strive to live for God, but on the other, we all too often, find ourselves living a life dedicated to worldly affairs, school, politics, friends, etc., that seems devoid of God. It’s difficult because we should have only one concern: Loving God.  Ultimately, our love of God will lead to our sanctity. 

As difficult as it may be not to live a double life, most earthly responsibilities/activities provide the opportunity to exercise both human and supernatural virtues.  If we look closely, we will find that ordinary circumstances, the demands of daily life, can set us on the path to sanctity and deep union with God.  Pope John Paul II wrote, “In discovering and living their proper vocation and mission, the lay faithful must be formed according to the union which exists from their being members of the Church and citizens of human society.  There cannot be two parallel lives in their existence: on the one hand, the so-called ‘spiritual’ life, with its values and demands; and on the other, the so-called ‘secular’ life, that is, life in a family, at work, in social relationships, in the responsibilities of public life and in culture.”[1] 

With love for God as our primary concern, we can minimize the distance between our spiritual life and our worldly affairs.  We will soon find ourselves having a pervading peace, joy, and purpose to our life.  Pope John Paul II further added, “The branch, engrafted to the vine which is Christ, bears its fruit in every sphere of existence and activity.  In fact, every area of the lay faithful’s lives, as different as they are, enters into the plan of God who desires that these very areas be the ‘places in time’ where the love of Christ is revealed and realized for both the glory of the Father and services of others.  Every activity, every situation, every precise responsibility – as, for example, skill and solidarity in work, love and education in the family and the education of children, service to society and public life and the promotion of truth in the area of culture – are the occasions ordained by Providence for a ‘continuous exercise of faith, hope, and charity’.”[2]

With a unity of life, we keep Christ close to us.  He is with us in the classroom, at the fitness center, on the weekend, during our travels, and while we spend time with our friends and family.  We should offer up all the moments of each day to Christ.  This will ensure we live a day full of prayer and conversation with Jesus even while being submerged in our regular, daily tasks.  A great practice to develop a unity of life is to begin each day with a morning offering.  A common morning offering is

O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer You my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day for all the intentions of Your Sacred Heart, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass throughout the world, in reparation for my sins, for the intentions of all my relatives and friends, and in particular for the intentions of the Holy Father.  Amen.” 

Start tomorrow morning and experience the difference in your day!

[1] Apostolic Exhortation, Christifideles laici, 30 December 2988, 59

[2] Ibid.


About the Author

Jeremiah Doyle is a freelance writer for Newman Connection.