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College of Wooster

527 Beall Avenue
Wooster, OH 44691
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Phone: (330)-263-2364

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The best way to answer who we are, is to tell you “why” we are. 

Students should finish college with more than a degree- Empowered by the Spirit, they should leave with a deeper understanding of their call from God. Course work and classes prepare students to enter a career, but do very little to educate students on how they fit into the Kingdom of God. By providing a Catholic university experiance at The College of Wooster we allow students to see sights which others do not see. They have a larger faith, a more ardent love, and a more spiritual understanding of their creator. This is our gain, this is a mark of His love for us, this is a thing to be rejoiced in.

Wooster Catholic welcomes you to the College of Wooster, to the Diocese of Cleveland, and to a vibrant community of the faithful on campus. 

Welcome Home. Welcome to Wooster Catholic. 




Mass Times

Celebrate the Sacraments at our local parish

The home parish of Wooster Catholic is St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, located conveniently on the south side of Campus. 

The parish offers several celebrations of the Eucharist each weekend, however the Sunday afternoon Mass at 5:00 is the Mass we attend as a student group. If you are unable to attend with the Newman Community, St. Mary’s holds Mass: Saturday 5pm, Sunday at 8am and 11am.  

May of our students choose to be involved in the many actives in the parish, including the choir, Knights of Columbus, lecturing, and Eucharistic Ministering.

Adoration Times

Perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is available in the sanctuary Monday-Wednesday at St. Mary of The Immaculate Conception Church.

Confession Times

Confession is offered on Saturdays at 3:30 pm at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church.





Newman Nights are the easiest and best way to find a place with Wooster Catholic. We gather every Tuesday evening to listen to regionally and nationally known speakers on various topics. From here it is easy to find out more information on all of our other ministries and programs.

The concept of gathering together for a communal meal is rooted in the very ministry of Jesus. In the Gospel of Luke alone, we find ten stories of Jesus pausing to dine with those whom he comes in contact with.

The second component of our evening, the discussion or presentation, is our response to John Henry Newman, our patron's, call to keep theological study at the center of higher education. Often our discussions and presenters are part of a series on various faith issues. 


In the fall of 2015, Wooster Catholic created a new prison ministry to the Wayne County Jail and to the returning citizens of Wayne County. In 2014 there were 51,748 individuals incarcerated in Ohio. However, Ohio State Prisons are only able to house just over 38,000 inmates. The overflow of individuals are often placed in local county jails where they serve sentences of one year or less. 

Wooster Catholic meets the immediate spiritual needs of the inmates by providing once a month scripture studies in the Wayne County Jail. Students are encouraged to develop genuine and authentic relationships with the inmates that are rooted in prayer. 

Additionally, Woo Catholic students help facilitate two monthly support groups for returning citizens in Wayne County, and are members of the Behind Bars and Beyond Interfaith taskforce. 

To help break the cycle of return offenders, Wooster Catholic is working on providing each returning citizen in Wayne County a USB drive preloaded with user friendly resume templates, as well as a budget creator that is tailored for Wayne County. The hope is that those individuals who are able to find steady employment and manage their finances at a higher skill level are much less likely to re-enter into the criminal justice system. 


Wooster Catholic is committed to serving those most in need, be they on our campus or the farthest reaches of the world.  We live out this commitment by spending one week each year in the places that God leads us to. Each trip ends with the awarding of the Mustard Seed Award- Given to the two students who have grown the most during the experience. 


Sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, The Campus Ministry Leadership Institute is a yearly gathering of  the best and brightest student leaders and campus ministers from across the United States that meet to discuss the vision for campus ministry in our country.

Two of our current students, Kaitlyn Rayl and Zoe Hosteler have committed to being members of the National Directing Team through 2018. Former Student Campus Minister and 2016 alumnus, Marisa Quiery, was a student member of the 2015 National Directing Team at New Mexico State University.


If you are unable to find a service project that meets your needs within Wooster Catholic, we encourage you to reach out to the Wooster Volunteer Network(WVN). The WVN is a student run organization that is committed to promoting volunteerism, cultivating a culture of service, and raising social awareness both on the College of Wooster campus, and in the greater Wooster community. Through extensive service opportunities, volunteer program houses, alternative break trips, reflection programs, and partnering with other service organizations(like Wooster Catholic), both locally and nationally the WVN encourages students to incorporate service into their education and to reflect on their personal experience, and wider, underlying societal issues. In doing this we aim to create a network of individuals throughout the Wooster community who are committed to service and volunteering.

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