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Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo

St. Turibius was born in Mayorga de Campos, Spain.  He was born of a noble family and was highly educated.  His parents named him after the Spanish saint Turibius of Astorga.  He became the Professor of law at the highly reputed University of Salamanca.  King Philip...

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Name Patronage Feast Day Century Lived

Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo

Native Rights, Latin American Bishops, Peru 03/23 16th & 17th Century

Ascension of The Lord

- 05/10 -

Ash Wednesday

- 02/14 -

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

- 08/16 -

Blessed Alexandrina of Balasar

Invoked for the Sanctification of Youth 10/13 20th Century

Blessed Anna Rosa Gattorno

- 05/06 19th Century

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich

02/09 18th &19th Century

Blessed Joseph Gerard

- 05/29 19th & 20th Century

Blessed Junipero Serra OFM

Vocations 07/01 18th Century

Blessed Lorenzo Maria Salvi

- 06/12 18th &19th Century

Blessed Miguel Pro

- 11/23 19th & 20th Century

Blessed Pope John Paul II

World Youth Day 10/22 20th and 21st Century

Blessed Robert Dalby

- 03/16 Died 1589

Blessed Thomas Mary Fusco

- 02/24 19th Century

Conversion of Saint Paul the Apostle

- 01/25 -

Easter Sunday

- 04/16 -
image not available

Epiphany of the Lord

- 01/06 -

Epiphany of the Lord


Feast of Corpus Christi

- 06/23 -

Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle

- 02/22 -

Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

- 09/12 -

Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

- 12/08 -

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary


Feast of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

- 06/07 -

First Holy Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church

Christians in General 06/30 1st Century

Good Friday

- 04/19 -

Holy Saturday

- 03/26 -

Holy Thursday

- 04/18 -

Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows

- 09/15 -

Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Baptism, Conversion, Tailors 06/24 1st Century

Our Lady of Fatima


Our Lady of Guadalupe

- 12/12 16th Century

Our Lady of Lourdes

Marian Shrine, Lourdes, France 02/11 -

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

The Carmelite Order, The Brown Scapular 07/16 12th Century

Palm Sunday of the Lords Passion

- 03/29 -

Pentecost Sunday

- 05/24 -

Pope Saint Damasus I

- 12/11 4th Century

Pope Saint Gregory III

Fought the Iconoclastic Controversy 12/10 8th Century

Pope Saint Hilary

- 02/28 5th Centruy

Pope Saint John I

- 05/18 5th & 6th Century

Pope Saint Sixtus II

- 08/07 3rd Century

Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

- 02/02 -

Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

- 11/21 -

Saint Scholastica

Nuns, Invoked against Storms, Convulsive Children 02/10 5th & 6th Century

Saint Adalgott

The Poor, The Sick 10/03 12th Century

Saint Adelaide

Abuse Victims, Brides, Emperors, Exiles, In-Law Problems, Parenthood, Princesses, Prisoners 12/16 10th Century

Saint Adrian

- 01/09 8th Century

Saint Adulf

Bishops, Pursuit of Holiness 06/17 7th Century

Saint Agatha

Breast Cancer, Bakers, Earthquakes, Jewelers, Martyrs, Natural Disasters, Nurses, Rape victims, 02/05 3rd Century

Saint Agnes of Assisi

siblings, children of Mary, engaged couples, chastity 11/16 13th Century

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano

- 04/20 13th & 14th Century

Saint Agnes of Rome

Engaged Couples, Chastity, Crops, Children of Mary, Gardeners, Girls, Rape Victims, Virgins 01/21 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Aidan

Firefighters 08/31 7th Century

Saint Albert the Great

Medical Technicians, Natural Sciences, Philosophers, Scientists, Students, World Youth Day 11/15 13th Century

Saint Albinus

Invoked against Pirate Attacks 10/26 5th & 6th Century

Saint Alexis

Beggars, Porters, Nurses, Pilgrims, Travelers, Belt Makers 07/17 5th Century

Saint Alexis Falconieri

City of Orvieto, Italy 02/17 13th & 14th Century

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Youths, Scholars, Students 06/21 16th Century

Saint Alphege - Archbishop of Canterbury

Kidnap Victims 04/19 19th & 20th Century

Saint Alphonsa

Against Illnesses 07/28 20th Century

Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Arthritis, Confessors, Moralists 08/01 17th & 18th Century

Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez

- 10/30 16th & 17th Century

Saint Ambrose

Bee Keepers, Bees, Candle Makers, Domestic Animals, Learning, Students 12/07 4th Century

Saint Anastasia

weavers, widows, martyrs, those suffering from poisons 12/25 3rd Century

Saint Anastasius I

- 12/19 5th Century

Saint Andrew Corsini

Invoked Against Riots, Invoked Against Civil Unrest 02/04 14th Century

Saint Andrew Dung Lac and Companions

- 11/24 18th &19th Century

Saint Andrew the Apostle

Fishermen, Rope Makers, Golfers, Performers, Many Countries 11/30 Early 1st Century

Saint Angela Merici

Sickness, Loss of Parents, Handicapped Persons 01/27 15th & 16th Century

Saint Angela of the Cross

- 03/02 19th & 20th Century

Saint Angelo

- 05/05 12th & 13th Century

Saint Anne

Childless People, Homemakers/Housewives, Lost Articles, Miners, Mothers, Poverty, Pregnancy 07/26 1st Century

Saint Anthony Mary Claret

Textile Merchants, Weavers, Taught the poor to Save, Claretian Missionaries, 10/24 19th Century

Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria

The Barnabite Order, Medical Students 07/05 16th Century

Saint Anthony of Padua

lost items, lost articles, missing persons, missing items 06/13 12th, 13th

Saint Anthony Perchersky

Monasticism 07/10 10th & 11th Century

Saint Anthony the Abbot

Skin Diseases, Basket Makers, Grave Diggers, Brush Makers 01/17 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Anthusa

Convents, Abbeys 07/27 8th & 9th Century

Saint Apollinaris

Epilepsy, Gout 07/20 1st Century

Saint Aspren

Invoked against Migraine 08/03 1st Century

Saint Athanasia

Timia, Greece 04/18 8th & 9th Century

Saint Athanasius

Doctor of the Church 05/02 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Augustine

Printers, Brewers, Theologians, Patron of Regular Clergy, Alleviation of Sore Eyes 08/28 4th & 5th Century

Saint Augustine of Canterbury

- 05/27 7th Century

Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions

Catechizing, Missionaries 07/09 1648-1930

Saint Barbatus of Benevento

Benevento, Italy 02/19 7th Century

Saint Barnabas the Apostle

Cyprus, Antioch, Against Hailstorms, Invoked as Peacemaker 06/11 1st Century

Saint Bartholomew

Skin Disorders 08/24 1st Century

Saint Basil the Great

Hospital Administrators, Reformers, Monks, Education, Exorcism, Liturgists 01/02 4th Century

Saint Bassian

Lodi, Italy 01/19 4th & 5th Century

Saint Bede the Venerable

Writers, Historians 05/25 7th & 8th Century

Saint Bega

- 10/31 7th Century

Saint Begga

- 12/17 7th Century

Saint Benedict of Nursia

Against Poison, Against Witchcraft, Agriculture, Cavers, Civil Engineers, Coppersmiths, Dying People 07/11 5th & 6th Century

Saint Benignus

- 11/09 Died 467

Saint Bernadette Soubirous

Bodily Illness, Shepherds, Against Poverty, People Ridiculed for their Faith 04/16 19th Century

Saint Bernard

Beekeepers, Candle Makers 08/20 11th & 12th Century

Saint Bernard of Montjoux

Skiers, Skateboarders, Mountain Climbers, Backpackers, Alps 05/28 11th Century

Saint Bernardine of Siena

Advertisers, Chest Problems, Gambling Addicts, Public Relations Personnel, Italy, Bernalda – Italy 05/20 14th & 15th Century

Saint Bernward of Hidesheim

- 11/20 10th & 11th Century

Saint Bertin

Converts 09/05 7th & 8th Century

Saint Bibiana

Epilepsy, Hangovers, Headaches, Insanity, Mental Illness, Single Lay Women, Torture Victims 12/02 4th Century

Saint Blaise

Throats, Animals, Builders, Choking, Veterinarians, Infants, Stonecutters, Carvers, Wool Workers 02/03 4th Century

Saint Bonaventure

Bowel Disorder, Doctor of the Church 07/15 13th Century

Saint Boniface

Germany, Brewers, World Youth Day, Fulda, Germany 06/05 8th Century

Saint Bridget of Sweden

Widows, Sweden, Europe 07/23 14th Century

Saint Brigid of Kildare

- 02/01 5th & 6th Century

Saint Bruno

Trade Marks, Calabria 10/06 11th & 12th Century

Saint Cagnoald

Those in Exile 09/06 7th Century

Saint Callistus I

Cemetery Workers 10/14 3rd Century

Saint Camillus de Lellis

Hospitals, Physicians, Nurses, The Sick 07/18 16th & 17th Century

Saint Casimir

Youth, Lithuania, Poland 03/04 15th Century

Saint Catherine Laboure

Miraculous Medals 11/28 19th Century

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Unmarried Girls, Apologists, Craftsmen, Potters, Archivists, Dying People, Educators, Girls, Jurists 11/25 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Catherine of Siena

Nurses, Sickness, Bodily Ills, Firefighters, Miscarriages, People Ridiculed for their Piety, 04/29 14th Century

Saint Cecilia

Church Music, Musicians, Poets, Archdiocese of Omaha 11/22 2nd Century

Saint Celestine I

- 04/06 5th Centruy

Saint Celestine V

Bookbinders 05/19 13th Century

Saint Cellach

Reformers, Ireland 04/01 11th & 12th Century

Saint Charles Borromeo

Against Ulcers, Apple Orchards, Bishops, Catechists, Catechumens, Colic, Intestinal Disorders 11/04 16th Century

Saint Charles Lwanga

Converts, Torture Victims, African Catholic Youth 06/03 19th Century

Saint Christopher Magallanes

- 05/21 19th & 20th Century

Saint Clare

Eye Disease, Goldsmiths, Laundry, Embroiderers, Gilders, Good Weather, Needle workers, Telephones 08/11 13th Century

Saint Clare of Montefalco

Montefalco 08/17 13th and 14th Century

Saint Claude de la Colombiere

- 02/15 17th Century

Saint Cletus

- 04/26 1st Century

Saint Cloud

Nail Makers, Against Carbuncles/Boils 09/07 6th Century

Saint Colette

Women Seeking to Conceive, Expectant Mothers, Sick Children 03/06 14th & 15th Century

Saint Conrad of Constance

- 11/26 10th Century

Saint Conrad of Parzham OFM Cap

- 04/21 19th Century

Saint Cornelius

Repentant Sinners 09/16 3rd Century

Saint Cyricus and Julitta

Protector of Children 06/16 4th Century

Saint Cyril of Alexandria

Alexandria Egypt, Doctor of the Church 06/27 4th & 5th Century

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

- 03/18 4th Century

Saint Dallan Forgail

- 01/29 6th Century

Saint Damien De Veuster

People with Leprosy, Diocese of Honolulu 05/10 19th Century

Saint Daniel

Courage, Fortitude, Strength, Prisoners, Captives, Slaves 02/16 4th Century

Saint Darerca of Ireland

Valentia Island 03/22 4th & 5th Century

Saint David

Wales, Vegetarians, Poets 03/01 6th Century

Saint Delphinus

- 12/24 5th Century

Saint Dismas

Prisoners, Condemned Prisoners, Undertakers, Repentant Thieves 03/25 Died 33

Saint Dominic

Astronomers, Astronomy, Falsely accused people 08/08 12th & 13th Century

Saint Donan

Eigg, Scottish Isle 04/17 7th Century

Saint Eligius

Clock/Watch Makers, Coin Collectors, Craftsmen, Gilders, Goldsmiths, Harness Makers, Hor 12/01 6th & 7th Century

Saint Elisha

Prophets 06/14 790 BC

Saint Elizabeth

Pregnant Women 11/05 1st Century

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Catholic Schools, Shreveport LA, Maryland 01/04 18th &19th Century

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Hospitals, Nurses, Bakers, Brides, Countesses, Dying Children, Exiled People, Homeless People 11/17 13th Century

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal

Brides, Widows, Charitable Societies, Charitable Workers, Charities, Difficult Marriages 07/04 13th & 14th Century

Saint Engelbert

- 11/07 12th & 13th Century

Saint Ephrem

spiritual directors, spiritual leaders 06/09 4th Century

Saint Epiphanius

- 05/12 4th & 5th Century

Saint Eucherius of Orleans

- 02/20 7th & 8th Century

Saint Euphrasia

- 03/13 4th & 5th Century

Saint Eusebius of Vercelli

Defender of the Faith 08/02 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Eusignius

Military, Soilders 08/05 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Faustina Kowalska

World Youth Day 10/05 20th Century

Saint Felix of Nola

Nola, Italy 01/14 3rd Century

Saint Fidelis Sigmaringen OFM Cap

- 04/24 16th & 17th Century

Saint Fina - Seraphina

Physically Challenged People 03/12 13th Century

Saint Finbarr

Diocese of Cork, City of Cork – Ireland 09/25 6th & 7th Century

Saint Frances of Rome

Benedictine Oblates, Automobile Drivers 03/09 14th & 15th Century

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Immigrants, Hospital Administrators 11/13 19th & 20th Century

Saint Francis Borgia

Against Earthquakes, Portugal, Rota, Marianas 10/10 16th Century

Saint Francis de Morales

Missionaries 09/10 17th Century

Saint Francis de Sales

Confessors, Deaf People, Educators, Writers, Journalists 01/24 16th & 17th Century

Saint Francis Jerome

Naples 05/11 17th & 18th Century

Saint Francis of Assisi

Animals, The Environment, Merchants, Stowaways, Cub Scouts, Italy, San Francisco - CA 10/04 12th & 13th Century

Saint Francis Xavier

African Missions, Apostleship of Prayer, Foreign Missions, Navigators, Parish Missions, Plague 12/03 16th Century

Saint Frederick

Deafness 07/18 9th Century

Saint Frumentius

Aksumite Empire 10/27 4th Century

Saint Gall

Birds, Geese, Poultry, Sweden 07/01 6th & 7th Century

Saint Gasper

Founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood 10/21 18th &19th Century

Saint Gemma Galgani

Students, Pharmacists, Tuberculosis Patients, Love, Hope, Spinal Injury 04/11 19th & 20th Century

Saint Genevieve

Paris 01/03 5th & 6th Century

Saint George

Agricultural Workers, Butchers, Cavalry, Equestrians, Farmers, Field Workers, Horsemen, Knights, 04/23 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Gertrude

Travelers, Invoked for Poor Souls in Purgatory 11/16 13th & 14th Century

Saint Getulius

- 06/10 2nd Century

Saint Giles

Beggars, Blacksmiths, Breast Cancer, Breast Feeding, Cancer Patients, Disabled People, Epilepsy 09/01 7th & 8th Century

Saint Giulia Salzano

- 05/17 19th & 20th Century

Saint Gregory Barbarigo

Builders, Caregivers 06/18 17th Century, 18th Century

Saint Gregory the Great

Monastic Life 09/03 6th & 7th Century

Saint Helena

Archaeologists 06/20 4th Century

Saint Henry

Of the childless, of Dukes, of Handicapped, of those rejected by Religious Orders 07/13 10th & 11th Century

Saint Hilary of Poitiers

Against Snake Bites, Fought Against Arianism 01/13 4th Century

Saint Hippolytus

Horses, Prison Guards, Prison Officers, Prison workers 01/30 2nd & 3rd Century

Saint Honoratus of Arles

Against Droughts, Against Misfortunes, Against Rain, For Rain 01/16 4th & 5th Century

Saint Hunger

- 12/22 Died 866 - 9th Century

Saint Ignatius of Antioch

Church in Eastern Mediterranean, Church in North Africa 10/17 1st & 2nd Century

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Soldiers, Educators, Education, Spiritual Retreats 07/31 15th & 16th Century

Saint Irenaeus of Lyons

Father of the Church 06/28 2nd & 3rd Century

Saint Isabel of France

- 02/26 13th Century

Saint Isidore

Farmers, Agriculture, Day Laborers, United States Catholic Rural Life Conference 05/15 11th & 12th Century

Saint Isidore of Seville

Internet, Computer Users, Technicians, Programmers, Students 04/04 6th & 7th Century

Saint James the Greater

Veterinarians, Tanners, Pharmacists, Equestrians 07/25 1st Century

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal

Forgotten People, In-law problems, Loss of parents, Parents separated from Children, Widows 08/12 16th & 17th Century

Saint Januarius

Blood Banks, Volcanic Eruptions, Naples 09/19 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Jean de Brebeuf

Canada 10/19 16th & 17th Century

Saint Jerome

Archeologists, Archivists, Bible Scholars, Librarians, School Children, Students, Translators 09/30 4th & 5th Century

Saint Jerome Emiliani

Orphans, Abandoned Children 02/08 15th & 16th Century

Saint Joachim

Fathers, Grandfathers, Grandparents, Married Couples, Cabinet Makers 07/26 1st Century

Saint Joan of Arc

France, soldiers, martyrs, captives, militants, people ridiculed for piety, servicewomen 05/30 15th Century

Saint Joanna

- 05/24 1st Century

Saint John Baptist de la Salle

Teachers, Educators, Principals 04/07 17th & 18th Century

Saint John Bosco

Christian apprentices, editors, publishers, school children, youth, magicians 01/31 19th Century

Saint John Cantius

Poland, Lithuania, Universities 12/23 14th & 15th Century

Saint John Chrysostom

Education, Epilepsy, Lecturers, Orators, Preachers 09/13 4th & 5th Century

Saint John Eudes

Missionaries 08/19 17th Century

Saint John Fisher

Diocese 06/22 15th & 16th Century

Saint John Joseph of the Cross

Ischia, Italy 03/05 17th & 18th Century

Saint John Leonardi

Pharmacists 10/09 16th & 17th Century

Saint John Neumann

He was the First United States Bishop and Confessor to be Canonized 01/05 19th Century

Saint John of Capistrano

Jurists, Military Chaplains 10/23 14th & 15th Century

Saint John of Damascus

Doctor of Christian Art 12/04 7th & 8th Century

Saint John of Egypt

Hermits 03/27 Died 394

Saint John of God

Hospitals, Dying People, The Sick, Nurses, Firefighters, Alcoholics, Booksellers 03/08 15th & 16th Century

Saint John of the Cross

Contemplative Life, Contemplatives, Mystical Theology, Mystics 12/14 16th Century

Saint John Ogilvie

- 03/10 16th & 17th Century

Saint John Payne

- 05/04 16th Century

Saint John Roberts

- 10/25 16th & 17th Century

Saint John the Almsgiver

Knights Hospitaller 01/23 6th & 7th Century

Saint John the Evangelist

- 12/27 1st Century

Saint John Vianney

Priests, Parishes, Confessors 08/04 18th &19th Century

Saint Josaphat

- 11/12 16th & 17th Century

Saint Joseph Cafasso

Prisoners, Prison, Chaplains, Captives 06/23 19th Century

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Aviators, Flying, Studying 09/18 17th Century

Saint Joseph the Worker

The Catholic Church, Unborn Children, Fathers, Immigrants, Workers, Against Doubt and Hesitation 05/01 1st Century

Saint Joseph-Spouse of the Virgin Mary

- 03/19 -

Saint Juan Diego

- 12/09 15th & 16th Century

Saint Jude Thaddaeus

Lost Causes, Desperate Situations 10/28 1st Century

Saint Julia

Corsica, Torture Victims, Pathologies of the Hands and Feet 05/23 5th Century

Saint Julian the Hospitaller

- 02/12 7th Century

Saint Justin

- 06/01 2nd Century

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Ecologists, Ecology, Environment, Environmentalists, Loss of Parents, People in Exile, People ridicu 07/14 17th Century

Saint Katharine Drexel

Philanthropist, Racial Justice 03/03 19th & 20th Century

Saint Keyne

St Martin-by-Looe, Marital Counsel, Christian Marriages 10/08 5th Century

Saint Kilian

Sufferers of Rheumatism 07/08 7th Century

Saint Lawrence

Comedians, Librarians, Students, Miners, Tanners, Chefs, Roasters 08/10 3rd Century

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi

Brindisi, Italy 07/21 16th & 17th Century

Saint Lawrence O’Toole

Archdiocese of Dublin 11/14 12th Century

Saint Lea of Rome

03/22 4th Century

Saint Leo I (The Great)

- 11/10 5th Century

Saint Leonard

Political Prisoners, Imprisoned People, Captives, Women in Labor, Horses 11/06 6th Century

Saint Longinus

blind, people with poor eyesight, discernment, Mantua 03/15 1st Century

Saint Louis

France, French Monarchy, barbers, Secular Franciscan Order 08/25 13th Century

Saint Louis de Montfort

Ecumenism, Rejection 04/28 17th & 18th Century

Saint Louis of France

Barbers, Grooms 08/25 13th Century

Saint Louise de Marillac

Disappointing Children, Loss of Parents, People Rejected by Religious Orders, Sick People, 03/15 16th & 17th Century

Saint Lucy

Blind People, Martyrs, Epidemics, Salesmen, Throat Infections, Writers 12/13 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Luke

Artists, Physicians, Surgeons, Students, Butchers 10/18 1st Century

Saint Magdalen of Canossa

- 05/08 18th &19th Century

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Devotees of the Sacred Heart, Suffers of Polio, Loss of Parents 10/16 17th Century

Saint Margaret of Clitherow

Business Women, Converts, Martyrs, Catholic Women’s League 03/26 16th Century

Saint Margaret of Hungary OP

Fasting and Prayer 01/18 13th Century

Saint Maria Crocifissa Di Rosa

- 12/15 19th Century

Saint Maria Goretti

Young Women 07/06 19th & 20th Century

Saint Maria Josefa del Corazon de Jesus

- 03/20 19th & 20th Century

Saint Maria Soledad

The Sick, The Poor 10/11 19th Century

Saint Mark the Evangelist

Venice, Egypt 04/25 1st Century

Saint Martha

Butlers, Cooks, Dietitians, Domestic Servants, Homemakers, Hotel-Keepers, Housemaids 07/29 1st Century

Saint Martin de Porres

Mississippi, Diocese of Biloxi, Hair Stylists, Innkeepers, Lottery, Lottery Winners, Mixed-Race 11/03 16th & 17th Century

Saint Martin of Tours

Soldiers, Tailors, Poverty, Alcoholism, Beggars, Calvary, Hotel Keepers, Pontifical Swiss Guards 11/11 4th Century

Saint Mary Magdalen

Converts, Glove Makers, Hairdressers, Penitent Sinners, Perfumeries, Pharmacists, Sexual Temptation 07/22 1st Century

Saint Mary Magdalene de Pazzi

Sickness, Bodily Ills, Sexual Temptation 05/25 15th, 16th

Saint Mary of Egypt

Chastity, Deliverance of Demons, Fever, Skin Disease, Temptations of the Flesh 04/02 4th & 5th Century

Saint Matilda

- 03/14 9th & 10th Century

Saint Matthew the Apostle

Accountants, Bankers, Tax Collectors, Perfumes 09/21 1st Century

Saint Matthias

Alcoholism, Carpenters, Smallpox, Tailors, Gary-Indiana, Great Falls & Billings – Montana 05/14 1st Century

Saint Maurice

Armies, Armorers, Cloth Makers, Cramps, Gout, Infantrymen, Pontifical Swiss Guards, Soldiers, Weaver 09/22 3rd Century

Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Against Drug Addictions, Drug Addicts, Families, Imprisoned People, Journalists, Political Prisoners 08/14 20th Century

Saint Mechtildis of Edelstetten

- 05/31 12th Century

Saint Metchtildis of Helfta

- 11/19 13th Century

Saint Michael de Sanctis

Cancer Patients, Vic Catalonia 04/10 16th & 17th Century

Saint Monica

Conversion of Relatives, Difficult Marriages, Disappointing Children, Victims of Adultery, 08/27 4th Century

Saint Moses

Africa, Non-Violence 12/18 4th & 5th Century

Saint Moses the Black

Africa, forgiveness, non-violence 08/28 4th Century

Saint Narcissus

- 10/29 1st & 2nd Century

Saint Nicholas

Children, Sailors, Fishermen, Merchants, Broadcasters, Falsely Accused, Repentant Thieves 12/06 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Nicholas of Flue

Pontifical Swiss Guards, Switzerland 03/21 15th Century

Saint Nina

Georgia 01/15 3rd & 4th Century

Saint Nonossus

Against Diseases of Kidneys, Against Physical Defects, Back Pain 09/02 6th Century

Saint Norbert

Invoked during childbirth, Safe Delivery, Magdeburg 06/06 11th & 12th Century

Saint Opportuna

Diocese of Seez 04/22 8th Century

Saint Osyth

- 10/07 7th Century

Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Catholic Adolescents, Civil Defense Volunteers 09/23 19th & 20th Century

Saint Palladius

Patron Saint of Scotland, Missionaries 07/07 5th Century

Saint Pammachius

Pilgrims 08/30 5th Centruy

Saint Patrick

Against Snakes, Against Witchcraft, Ireland, Nigeria, Archdiocese of New York, Engineers, Paralegal 03/17 4th & 5th Century

Saint Paul Miki

Japan 02/06 16th Century

Saint Paul of the Cross

Founder of the Passionists 10/20 17th & 18th Century

Saint Paul the Apostle

Missions, Theologians, Gentile Christians 06/29 1st Century

Saint Paulinus of Aquileia

- 01/11 8th & 9th Century

Saint Paulinus of Nola

Poor, Pilgrims 06/22 4th & 5th Century

Saint Peter Canisius

Catholic Press, Germany 12/21 16th Century

Saint Peter Chrysologus

Doctor of the Church 07/30 4th & 5th Century

Saint Peter Claver

Slaves, Race Relations, Parkinson Disease 09/09 16th & 17th Century

Saint Peter Damian

Insomnia, Headaches 02/21 11th Century

Saint Peter Gonzalez

Sailors 04/14 12th & 13th Century

Saint Peter the Apostle

Papacy, Workers 06/29 1st Century

Saint Petroc

Cornwall 06/04 6th Century

Saint Philip Neri

Rome, United States Special Forces, Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Laughter, Humor 05/26 16th Century

Saint Philip the Apostle

Pastry Chefs, Hat Makers, San Felipe Pueblo, Uruguay 05/03 1st Century

Saint Pius V, Pope

- 04/30 16th Century

Saint Pius X

First Communicants, Pilgrims 08/21 19th & 20th Century

Saint Polycarp

Earaches, Intestine Disorders 02/23 1st & 2nd Century

Saint Pontian

Mines, Mine Workers 08/13 3rd Century

Saint Pope Julius

- 04/12 4th Century

Saint Pope Martin I

- 04/13 7th Century

Saint Processus and Martinian

Wardens, Jailers, Prison Police 07/02 1st Century

Saint Prosper of Reggio

Reggio-Italy, The Poor 06/25 5th Century

Saint Quiteria

rabies, beasts, those thinking about giving-up 05/22 5th Century

Saint Raymond of Penafort OP

Canon Lawyers, Lawyers 01/07 12th & 13th Century

Saint Richard of Wyche

Coachmen, Diocese of Chichester, Sussex, England 04/03 12th & 13th Century

Saint Richard the Pilgrim

- 02/07 7th Century

Saint Rita of Corsica

Impossible Causes, Sickness, Wounds, Marital Problems, Abuse, Mothers 05/22 14th & 15th Century

Saint Robert Bellarmine

Canonists, Canon Lawyers, Catechists, Catechumens 09/17 16th & 17th Century

Saint Romuald

Hermitages, Monasteries 06/19 10th & 11th Century

Saint Rosalia

Evolutionary Studies, Palermo 09/04 12th Century

Saint Rose of Lima

Embroiderers, Gardeners, Florists, People ridiculed for Piety, Native Indians of the America’s 08/23 16th & 17th Century

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

French-American Saint 11/18 1769-1852

Saint Rose Venerini

- 05/07 17th & 18th Century

Saint Ruadan

- 04/15 6th Century

Saint Rupert of Salzburg

State of Salzburg 09/24 7th & 8th Century

Saint Sabas

- 12/05 5th & 6th Century

Saint Sabinus

- 12/30 Died 303

Saint Saturninus

Toulouse, France 11/29 3rd Century

Saint Sebastian

Soldiers, Plagues, Archers, Holy Christian Death, Athletes 01/20 3rd Century

Saint Sharbel Makhluf

The Faithful 07/24 19th Century

Saint Simeon the Stylite

fasting, isolation, antisocial disorders 01/05 5th Century

Saint Simon of Jerusalem

Curriers, Sawmen 02/18 2nd Century

Saint Simon Stock

Bordeaux, France 05/16 12th & 13th Century

Saint Sophronius of Jerusalem

- 03/11 6th & 7th Century

Saint Stephen

Altar Servers, Deacons, Casket Makers, Headaches, Horses, Serbia 12/26 1st Century

Saint Stephen of Hungary

Kings, Rulers 08/16 11th Century

Saint Sylvester I

Sylvestrine Benedictines 12/31 4th Century

Saint Tarasius

- 02/25 8th & 9th Century

Saint Tatiana

Students 01/12 3rd Century

Saint Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein)

Loss of Parents, Converted Jews, Martyrs, World Youth Days 08/09 20th Century

Saint Teresa of Jesus

Bodily ills, Headaches, Chess, Lace Makers and Workers, Loss of Parents, People in need of Grace 10/15 16th Century

Saint Teresa of Jesus Jornet Ibars

The Poor, The Abandoned and Aged 08/26 19th Century

Saint Therese of the Child Jesus

Missionaries, France, Russia, AIDS Sufferers, Florists, Gardeners, Loss of Parents, Tuberculosis 10/01 19th Century

Saint Thomas Aquinas

Universities, Students, Catholic Schools, Academics, Against Storms, Against Lightning, Apologists 01/28 13th Century

Saint Thomas Becket

Exeter College – Oxford, Arbroath Abbey, Secular Clergy 12/29 1118-1170 - 12th Century

Saint Thomas More

Lawyers 06/22 15th & 16th Century

Saint Thomas the Apostle

Architects, Builders 07/03 1st Century

Saint Thorfinn

Advocate for Separation of Church and State, Religious Freedom 01/08 13th Century

Saint Timothy

Against Intestinal Disorders, Against Stomach Disorders 01/26 1st Century

Saint Valentine

Love, Engaged Couples, Happy Marriages, Bee Keepers, Against Fainting, Plague, Epilepsy 02/14 3rd Century

Saint Vergilius of Salzburg

- 11/27 8th Century

Saint Veronica

Photographers, Photographs, Pictures, Laundry Workers 07/12 1st Century

Saint Vigilius

Patron Saint of Trent, Travelers 06/26 4th & 5th Century

Saint Vincent de Paul

Charities, Horses, Hospitals, Leprosy, Lost Articles, Prisoners, Spiritual Help, Volunteers 09/27 16th & 17th Century

Saint Vincent dePaul

charities, horses, hospitals, leprosy, lost articles, the poor, the sick, care-givers, volunteers 07/19 17th Century

Saint Vincent Ferrer

Builders, Construction Workers, Plumbers, Fishermen, Orphanages 04/05 14th & 15th Century

Saint Vincent Madelgarus

Monasteries 09/20 7th Century

Saint Vincent Pallotti

- 01/22 18th &19th Century

Saint Vitus

Storms, Epilepsy, Actors, Comedians, Dancers, Snake Bites, Poisonous Bites 06/15 4th Century

Saint Vladimir of Kiev

Russia, converts, parents of large families, reformed and penitential murderers 07/15 11th Century

Saint Waldetrudis

Mons, Belgium 04/09 7th Century

Saint Wenceslaus

Bohemia, Czech Republic, Prague 09/28 10th Century

Saint Wilfrid

Roman Catholic Diocese of Middlesbrough 10/12 7th & 8th Century

Saint Willehad of Bremen

Saxony 11/08 8th Century

Saint William of Bourges

University of Paris 01/10 12th & 13th Century

Saint Zephyrinus

- 12/20 3rd Century

Saint Zita

Domestic Servants, Homemakers, Lost Keys, People Ridiculed for their Piety, Rape Victims 04/27 13th Century

Saints Cosmas and Damian

Surgeons, Physicians, Dentists, Protectors of Children, Barbers, Pharmacists, Veterinarians, Orphana 09/26 3rd Century

Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

Guardian of the Catholic Church, Police Officers, Military, Grocers, Mariners, Paratroopers, Protect 09/29 -

Saints Perpetua and Felicity

Mothers, Expecting Mothers, Ranchers, Butchers 03/07 3rd Century

Solemnity of All Saints

- 11/01 -

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

- 01/01 -

Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord

- 03/25 -

St Francis of Assisi

animals, environment, ecology, Italy, merchants, stowaways, cub scouts, 10/04 12th Century, 13th Century

St George

England, Boy Scouts, soldiers, horses, equestrians, knights, agricultural workers, archers, shepherd 04/23 4th Century

St Helena

Archaeologists, Converts, Difficult Marriages, Divorced People, Discoveries 08/18 3rd & 4th Century

St Honorina

Boatmen, Sailors, Ships 02/27 4th Century

St Zita

domestic servants, waiters, homemakers, lost keys, rape victims, the pious 04/27 13th Century

The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed

- 11/02 -

The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

- 09/14 -

The Holy Guardian Angels

. 10/02 .

The Holy Innocents

- 12/28 -

The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ

- 12/25 -

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Everyone named Mary-in any form 09/08 -

The Passion of Saint John the Baptist

- 08/29 -

The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

- 08/22 -

The Transfiguration of the Lord

- 08/06 -