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The Holy Guardian Angels

The Holy Guardian Angels
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  • Feast Day: October 2nd

The Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels is observed on October 2nd.  The Feast in honor of our Guardian Angel goes back to the eleventh century.  This is a feast of our Church that celebrates a very intimate dimension of our spiritual life that involves us directly.  It is on this day, that we are reminded that there are “invisible” spiritual beings around us, and the closest to us, is our Guardian Angel.   

We know that each of us, Christian or not, has a Guardian Angel, we know that god said to Israel that “HE” would send an Angel to guard them as they go.  Jesus said that the Angels of the little ones are continually in the presence of God the Father in heaven.  Certainly we are those “little ones” of that Kingdom.  God does not abandon us to chance.  He has charged His Holy Angels with the ministry of watching and safeguarding each one of His creatures.   

The Angels are divided into nine hierarchies, each having various obligations.  An Angel visualizes an end to be attained, seeing instantly the means to achieve it, whereas we must pray, study, inquire, and choose during many phases of effort, in order to reach our proposed end.  Jesus says in the Gospel, “Beware lest you scandalized any of these little ones, for their Angels in heaven behold the face of My Father”.  To this end, the existence of our Guardian Angels is a dogma of the Catholic faith, based on Holy Scriptures itself.  

Guardian Angel Prayer 

Angel of God, my Guardian Dear. 

To whom God’s love, commits me hear.  

Ever this day, be at my side;

To light, to guard, to rule, to guide,