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Saint Zephyrinus

Saint Zephyrinus
  • Century: 3rd Century
  • Patronage: -
  • Feast Day: December 20th

St. Zephyrinus was born in Rome, and was the bishop of Rome, Pope St. Zephyrinus from 199 – 217.  He was preceded by Pope Victor I, and was succeeded by Pope Callixtus I.   During his seventeen-year pontificate, the young Church endured severe persecution under the Emperor Severus, until he died in 211.  St. Zephyrinus was the support for his flock during these terrible times for the early Church.  He also endured the trials associated with the new heresies and apostasies.  Some of these were Marcion, Praxeas, Valentine and Montanists.  Pope Zephyrinus subdued many of these heresies.  Many times he was treated with contempt for vigorously fighting against blasphemies, but later was called to be a great defender of the divinity of Christ.  Although he was not physically martyred for the faith, his suffering mentally and spiritually during his pontificate have earned him the title of martyr. 

During the reign of the Emperor Severus, relations with the young Christian Church deteriorated.  The edict of persecution appeared which forbade conversion to Christianity under the severest penalties.  The feast of St. Zephyrinus, both Pope and Martyr, is held on December 20th, the date of his death. 

Practical Take Away

St. Zephyrinus was an early Pope of our Church, and spent his papacy defending the faith and fighting heresies.  His life shows us the many struggles that our early Church fathers had to deal with.  Without their heroic defending of our faith and the constant fighting of heresies, we would not be able to practice the faith that you and I know today.  We owe a debt of gratitude to our Church Triumphant for their great sacrifices and diligence in defending the faith.