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Saint Waldetrudis

Saint Waldetrudis
  • Century: 7th Century
  • Patronage: Mons, Belgium
  • Feast Day: April 9th

St. Waldetrudis is the Patron saint of Mons, Belgium.  She is also known as St. Waudru, in Mons, and as St. Waldetrudis or Waltrudis in Herentals, Belgium.  Both of these cities have a very large medieval Church that bears her name, and she is a very popular Saint in Belgium as a whole.  

St. Waldetrudis was married to the Count of Hainault, and together they raised four children.  They were very devout Christians, and did all in their power to instill the faith in their children.  They also worked throughout their community to instill the faith into their work, as well as helping the poor and homeless.  After the children were raised and her husband retired, he retired to an Abbey.  St. Waldetrudis herself became a Nun in 656 with the blessing of her husband.  She went on to found her own convent named Sainte Waudru, and the city of Mons grew up around it.  Without her founding the Convent, there would be no city of Mons today.  

The Shrine of St. Waltrudis is kept in the Collegiate Church dedicated to her in Mons, Belgium.  Each year as part of the Ducasse de Mons festival, the Shrine is placed on gilded cart, and drawn by horses through the city Streets.  She is a very popular Saint throughout Belgium.  She died on April 9th, 688.  Her feast day is always celebrated on April 9th, in the Catholic Church. 

Practical Take Away

St. Waltrudis was born in Mons, Belgium.  She was a very pious woman that married the Count of Hainault, and together they had four children.  She worked throughout the community to help the poor and promote the Christian faith.  After her husband retired and the children were grown, her husband retired to an Abbey, to serve the Church.  St. Waltrudis also became a Nun, and founded a Convent around 656, in Mons, Belgium.  The city of Mons grew up around the Convent that she founded.  She is venerated to this day, in the city of Mons, and is a very popular Saint in Belgium.