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Saint Vincent Madelgarus

Saint Vincent Madelgarus
  • Century: 7th Century
  • Patronage: Monasteries
  • Feast Day: September 20th

Not much is known about St. Vincent Madelgarus, but it is believed he was born in the early 7th century in Strepy les Binches, Hainault, Belgium, and died in 677 in Soignies.  We know that he was a Benedictine monk who established at least two monasteries in Hainaut (now France).  

Around the year 635 he was married to St. Waldetrudis by whom he fathered four children, all of them were later venerated as saints as well.  His children were St. Aldegundis, St. Landericus, St. Dentlin, and St. Madalberta.  On behalf of King Dagobert I, he went to Ireland and returned with several Irish monks.  They were to serve with him as missionaries to the pagan areas of the Kings territory.  

We also know that he founded a monastery at Hautmont, France in the year 642.  In 643 his wife entered a convent and he joined the Benedictines at Haumont under the name of Vincent.  He also served as Abbot for some time while at the monastery in Haumont.  In later years he established another monastery on his estate at Soignies, Belgium.  It is here that he died on July 14th, 677.  

Practical Take Away 

St. Vincent Madelgarus was a saint from the area of France and Belgium.  Not a lot is known about him, but enough to establish his good works.  He was married and had four children, all of whom where canonized Saints in our Church.  At one point, his wife entered a convent and he entered a Benedictine monastery.  He went on and founded at least two monasteries that we know of.  It is obvious that he was a great man of faith – not only did he earn sainthood, but so did his wife and all four of his children.  His life shows us that with faith, practicing that faith daily, and with prayer, not only can we merit eternal life in Heaven, but so can our entire family.