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Saint Palladius

Saint Palladius
  • Century: 5th Century
  • Patronage: Patron Saint of Scotland, Missionaries
  • Feast Day: July 7th

St. Palladius was born to a Gallo-Roman Family around 408.  He married at a young age, and had a daughter.  He kissed his family goodbye in the manner of the Apostles and lived as an ascetic in Sicily.  He even gave his daughter to a convent, and was ordained a Priest.  It is believed that he was a Deacon under St. Germanus of Auxerre, France, and was responsible for urging Pope Celestine I to send the Bishop Germanus to Britain, where he guided the Britons back to the Catholic Faith.  

An early Irish Missionary, he became the first Bishop of Ireland, and the immediate predecessor to St. Patrick.  Palladius landed near Wicklow and founded at least three churches in Leinster.  His mission apparently made little impact upon the native population, and he departed to Scotland.  He preached among the people of Scotland and spoke out about paganism that was rapid in that time period.  He evangelized the people of Scotland, and soon after, died, at Fordun, Scotland of natural causes and is buried there.  St. Prosper of Aquitaine has written his story. 

Practical Take Away 

St. Palladius teaches us that perseverance is key, when trying to preach the gospel to those around us.  He had the foresight to work with the people of Ireland, to catechize them and teach them the faith.  When he could go no farther, he moved onto Scotland and spent 20 years there, preaching to them – converting many.  The faith is alive today in many, because of the preaching that St. Palladius did in Ireland and Scotland, many generations ago.  The example we set, and the choices we make, can too, have a lasting effect on those around us as well.