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Saint Frederick

Saint Frederick
  • Century: 9th Century
  • Patronage: Deafness
  • Feast Day: July 18th

St. Frederick was born around 780 in Friesland and was a grandson of the King.  Records show he died in 838.  The records from the Catholic Church show that he was murdered.  At a young age the clergy, including the Bishop there, taught Frederick at Utrecht.  After completing his studies he was ordained a Priest and put in charge of converting the remaining faithless in the northern areas of the dioceses.  He extended his conversions and teachings to areas outside his diocese as well, many in hostile areas.  The Church records show that he preached together with St. Odulfus in some of these areas. 

After the death of the bishop, Frederick was chosen as the Bishop of Utrecht.  He was well known for his piety, compassion, and his steadfastness to the Faith.  He was very key during the Synod of Mainz in 829, and was praised for his knowledge and understanding of the Faith.  Vita S. Bonifacii has been attributed to St. Frederick.  

The details are unclear as to exactly how Frederick came to an end, although it has been established that he was murdered.  Legend tells us that two men stabbed him after offering the Mass, on July 18th, 838. Empress Judith hired these two men, because of Frederick’s regular criticism of her immoral way of life.  Other legends say they were assassins from the surrounding areas, who were hostile to Frederick’s preaching on Christianity.  He is buried in St. Salvator’s Church in Utrecht.  

Practical Take Away

St. Frederick was born into a royal family.  His grandfather was a King.  He like so many others, walked away from their wealth and status to follow God and Holy Mother Church.  He learned the faith, was Ordained and became a Bishop.  Because of his not backing down from the truth, he was murdered for preaching the word of God.  How many times do we back down around those in our circle when the subject of faith comes up?  We can learn from St. Frederick to persevere and remain true to the faith and proclaim it to the end – to all those around us.  Again, like St. Francis tells us, “Use words when necessary”.